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RESTful APIs are interfaces into other systems and are used as part of an implementation. The practice of enterprise architecture is all about determining the form and function of a system such that it fits harmoniously in an environment containing many other systems.

The EA API provides a whole set of “events” that can be used in an add-in. 7 thoughts on “ The complete Enterprise Architect C# add-in template ” Pingback: Tutorial: Deploy your Enterprise Architect C# add-in with an MSI package « Geert Bellekens‘ blog.

Summary of Enterprise API Architect job. Collaborate with the delivery teams to determine technical direction and approach to system design and implementation.

Introduction to API. In this presentation we describe what is an API and the differences with an Open API. Then we present how APIs could impact your organization, by reusing existing APIs or by creating your own. Then, we will embark on the Programmable Economy, and discuss APIs as product or in platform, and APIs business models.

The Enterprise Architect (API), will collaborate closely with our partner’s Product and IT groups to formulate API-First strategies that will enable our partners to deliver products at scale. You’ll play a critical role in conveying the importance of API Management to our partners.

Integration architecture: Comparing web APIs with service-oriented architecture and enterprise application integration. Kim J. Clark Published on March 18, 2015. Nearly all enterprises have multiple applications that are the system of record for their key data, and business functions upon which the enterprise is built. Beyond the enterprise

API Management: An Architect’s Guide to Developing and Managing APIs for Your Organization 1st ed. Edition. Author De ― an expert in building and managing API solutions ― provides enterprise architects, designers, and technologists with insight into the world of APIs and the various technical aspects of building and managing an

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API Strategy and Architecture: A Coordinated Approach. 2 The rise of the application programming interface (API) But enterprise architects are the ones charged with creating the APIs that make backend systems available for reuse in new Web and mobile apps.

Modeling your Enterprise Architecture (EA)² provides toolbox elements for modeling each architectural view, i.e Business, Application, Data, and Infrastructure, as well as for linking across views for a vertical slice of the architecture.

Working in a lean/agile organization causes significant changes in how Enterprise Architects need to think about their work. 30 November 2015. article. Enterprise Integration Using REST. by Brandon Byars. Most internal REST APIs are one-off APIs purpose built for a single integration point.

The role of the enterprise architect keeps changing over time. While twenty years ago very few knew what exactly an architect was, today many companies consider enterprise architecture as a

RESTful Day #1: Enterprise level application architecture with Web APIs using Entity Framework, Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work. RESTful Day #2: Inversion of control using dependency injection in Web APIs using Unity Container and Bootstrapper.

An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization. The intent of an enterprise architecture is to determine how an organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.

Enterprise Architect – CRM / DevOps and API job in Media, PA Cynet Systems – Design & lead strategies that identify common processes & practices used (e.g. WRT to …

RESTful Day 1: Enterprise Level Application Architecture With Web APIs Using Entity Framework, Generic Repository Pattern and Unit of Work In this article we will be focusing on how to develop basic enterprise-level application architecture with Web APIs.

Enterprise Architect – CRM, DevOps and API – CSI-IT-064 – Media, PA We are looking for Enterprise Architect – CRM, DevOps and API for our client in Media, PA Job Title: Enterprise Architect – CRM, DevOps and API

Company with Rest API Enterprise Architect jobs Verizon Headquartered in New York, New York, Verizon, a telecommunications company, has more wireless service customers than any other company in the United States.

The API Modeling MDG Technology from Sparx Services North America is a free plug-in that you can easily download and install for Enterprise Architect and immediately begin taking the next steps in maturing your API Management practices.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing an enterprise architecture. TOGAF recommends maintaining patterns as a resource for accomplishing certain common tasks, but it does not include …

Feb 23, 2019 · Enterprise application architecture using ASP.NET Web API,AngularJS,A SP.NET MVC KiksApp – Enterprise application architecture guide using Onion architecture, ASP.net MVC 5, ASP.net Web API 2, AngularJS 1.3, Entity Framework 6, Autofac Automapper, Bootstrap, Google Material Design etc. This is an old project created in 2015 as an exercise.

– Perform architecture reviews, establish governance standards for meeting enterprise guidelines – Act as a thought leader and experienced at driving change in a large organization. – The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) certification is a plus

Businesses can improve internal processes and create revenue generating business models with APIs managed throughout the entire lifecycle. What You Will Learn. The factors that made APIs successful and brought them to the front end of development The implications of API management architecture for today’s enterprise

InfoQ Homepage Enterprise Architecture Content on InfoQ. Enterprise Architecture RSS Feed. Testing the Endpoints of Your REST APIs. Tonya Cooper. on Nov 14, 2018. Like. Icon. 32:51

The eBook „APIs are Different than Integration“ explores the API-centric architecture in detail and the important implications of APIs powering the digital economy. An API architecture extends the capabilities and benefits that businesses derive from older enterprise integrations architectures.

The article is intended at beginners and advanced users alike and gives a small help for the shortcuts used in Enterprise Architect. The Enterprise Architect was designed with the aim of efficient usability.

8 days ago · Distributed microservices architecture: Enterprise integration, Istio, and managed API gateways By Hugo Guerrero March 12, 2019 March 11, 2019 The rise of microservices architectures drastically changed the software development landscape.


significant implications for enterprise architecture, which now must move from delivering web applications as the primary interaction channel to powering interactions in a secure, performant, and data-leveraged way across multiple interactive touch points, of which the web is just one. Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs

Sparx Systems provides 4 different editions of Enterprise Architect that are customized for differing usage scenarios. From the introductory Professional version, through the Corporate team based edition, richly provisioned Unified and finally the Ultimate edition, there is an Enterprise Architect edition that is right for your situation.

APIs Are at the Heart of Digital Business. April 20, 2016. Contributor: Rob van der Meulen. Make Mode 2 a continuous enterprise capability: Phase five of the bimodal roadmap is focused on turning project-focused bimodal capability into a repeatable enterprise capability. It’s a phase of systematic API production and wide distribution of

ArchiMate webinar and example enterprise architecture model with business layer viewpoints, application dependencies, infrastructure catalogue. Learn how to identify stakeholders, drivers, goals, and requirements with ArchiMate’s motivation extension. also recommend that you consider a short training course as this is a quick way to get

The Technical Reference Model -specific Technology Architecture is to look beyond the set of real-world platforms already in existence in the enterprise. The IT architect must analyze the services actually needed in order to implement an IT infrastructure that meets the enterprise’s business requirements in the optimal manner, and define

How to design a RESTful API architecture from a human-language spec. A process to build RESTful APIs that solve users’ needs with simplicity, reliability, and performance. Confessions of an enterprise architect. By Scott Shaw. Faced with business and regulatory complexity, Scott Shaw found himself committing some of the software


A Comprehensive Solution for API Management An Oracle White Paper March 2015 A Comprehensive Solution for API Management . A Comprehensive Solution for API Management Developers and enterprise architects need tools to expose data and legacy applications to a variety of information systems, on-premises and in the cloud.

Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful OSLC interface. Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems. Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server (PCS) offers a gateway to Enterprise Architect models.

Enterprise Architect Datenmodell (EA API) Posted on 2012-03-19 by H.Kargl. Many of you already know that EA consists of an API which can be used to programmatically access and manipulate the model and much more as just the model.

An Enterprise Architecture Framework diagram is a special type of Enterprise Architecture Diagram. A diagram is only an architecture diagram when it contains information about concepts that together create an architecture or are part of an architecture.

„RepreZen API Studio is the tool we need to design and document our REST APIs. The modeling environment is very intuitive, so we can focus on the architecture and functionality of our API resource model.“ MICAELA BRANDON. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture API Architect Amgen Tampa, FL. View all jobs at Amgen. Amgen is seeking an API Architect who will report to the Architecture Director and will be based in Tampa, FL, at Amgen’s new Capability Center. At Amgen, our mission is simple: to serve patients. Our new Tampa Capability Center provides essential services that

Azure Application Architecture Guide. This guide presents a structured approach for designing applications on Azure that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. applications are decomposed into smaller, decentralized services. These services communicate through APIs or by using asynchronous messaging or eventing. Applications scale

To process Enterprise Architect models with ShapeChange, copy the file SSJavaCom.dll located in /Java API to /System32 (on a 32-bit machine) or to /SysWOW64 (on a 64-bit machine).

Finalizing the technologies and methodologies for SOA/API adoption is a key aspect that determines your enterprise’s SOA/API success. With the choices available, it can be daunting to identify the right product stack and approach for your enterprise.


The proposed enterprise architecture offers number of advantages over the traditional OSS/BSS architectures: Whenever a new API is exposed or an existing API is changed by the third party system, only the connector logic needs to be changed and nothing else. All the systems are loosely coupled.

A good internal and external API management strategy and architecture is key to building ecosystem platforms that lead to successful API economies in the enterprise.

Application program interfaces (APIs), including historical context. This is a guide for the savvy manager who wants to capitalize on the wave of change that is occurring with Web Services, service-oriented architecture, and—more recently—Cloud Computing.

Enterprise Integration Using REST. application integration · web services · enterprise architecture. Contents. Why REST for enterprise integration? Define logical environments – one for each need an intriguing option available to enterprise APIs that is not available to public APIs.

ABACUS toolset provides enhanced API, SSO and enterprise architecture reporting. Updated on 12th December 2017 22nd October 2018. Avolution’s ABACUS 5.2 boosts digital business productivity allowing users to quickly assemble and assess business cases, and update strategy daily and weekly as goals and KPIs evolve.

Note: Cameo Enterprise Architecture Standard and Architect editions are no longer supported from 19.0 version. All model elements can be accessed via Cameo Enterprise Architecture’s Open API. In this edition, you will find everything you need to draw, edit and publish your UML 2.5 models.

Enterprise Architecture and Integration; API MPHASIS API SOLUTIONS . Application program interfaces (APIs) are designed to connect disparate platforms to a variety of devices. APIs are core enablers for business growth and agility. They form the backbone of Mphasis Front2Back™ transformation and are developed and managed using API lifecycle

Scripting Enterprise Architect A guided tour to Enterprise Architect’s scripting capabilities. Thomas Kilian. Table of Contents. This book is 99% complete. This book gives you a kick-start into scripting Sparx‘ Enterprise Architect. The API is explained from the bottom leaving out any burden. Having worked through the book should make you a

Adapters & data integrations for enterprise architecture tools. Exchange data with Microsoft apps, ServiceNow, Google Drive, Technopedia and any other source. By using a stateless protocol, this API simplifies external integrations significantly. It allows data from a huge range of common sources to be exchanged with ABACUS, via open standards.